Norfolk Wood varnishing & staining

Wood treatment is essential to the longevity of interior and especially exterior woodwork.

From flaky, rotten window sills to interior floorboards, doors & skirting boards we can brush years more life into your woodwork.


There are numerous finishes available for wood; paints, oils, stains, polyurethanes & waxes.  Whatever you require we are more than capable of advising and applying it.

It is important to treat any rotten wood prior to painting. We do this by scraping any loose rotten wet timber away, drying what is left, then apply a hardener to kill the rot and harden the timber. We then add quality exterior wood filler to any holes or cracks, sand back to a smooth finish, apply undercoat and then a top layer of paint of the clients choosing; gloss, satinwood, eggshell, wood stain, oil or polyurethane.

Windows are taped for a precise finish to the paintwork.

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